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Meet Our Staff

Pampered Paws Salon is a full service grooming salon that has been serving Fond du Lac since October 3, 2006! We have three groomers working daily. Our groom timeframes typically range from at least two to four hours with your furry friend so that we can provide the best quality, safety, and attention they need!


Pampered Paws is aware that our furry friends have delicate and sensitive skin which is why we use the best quality products on your pet! In addition, we also work closely with local veterinarians who provide exceptional care to your pets.


Pampered Paws is a small and personable grooming salon. The staff that works here is like one big family and we believe it is essential to build a personal relationship with our clients. We want to treat our customers and pampered pooches like family too!

What to Expect

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel comfortable when you walk in. You will be greeted by a lovely staff.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet owner. We want to treat your pet like he or she is our own.


Professional service.

Our staff will provide the expert care your family and companion deserves.

A Word About Pampered Paws